Presenter Clock Features

Features of the PresenterClock

PresenterClock enables speakers to see exactly where they are in their presentation, how long they have left and what the next slide will be. Because the software is an Add-in for PowerPoint, any notes for slides can also be displayed alongside the countdown clock, giving extra support and peace of mind. Once inserted, all PresenterClock settings are saved within the PowerPoint presentation file.

All PresenterClock information is displayed on one screen which is only visible to the speaker. Clocks can be pre-set for multiple speakers to provide a seamless sequence of presentations all running perfectly to time.

The PresenterClock is invaluable not only for speakers, but also for show producers and show-callers. PresenterClock gives the producer control over sessions by allowing precise timing for each presenter. The show-caller can send brief messages to the presenter. For example, to remind them about a video clip they need to introduce before their next slide.

Key features

  • Time remaining The time remaining is continually counting down.
  • Progress bar The progress bar gives a visual reference to elapsed time and time remaining.
  • Next slide Shows the next PowerPoint slide in your presentation.
  • Notes Displays any speaker notes relating to the current slide.
  • Current time This is useful where reference to real time is needed e.g. start of a football game.
  • Warning time Time remaining changes colour to warn that you are near the end of your allocated time.
  • Flash when over time The time display flashes to draw attention to overrunning.
  • Count up after overtime The time counts up to show by how much you are overrunning.

Setting up the PresenterClock

To run the PresenterClock while giving a presentation you will need to connect the PC running the presentation to an additional output (to show the PresenterClock). The easiest way to do this is using the USB to VGA adaptor that is supplied with each PresenterClock license.

PresenterClock Setup Guide