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What’s next? Where am I? How much longer?

Don’t panic; the only answer you need is here!

For anyone making a presentation, these are frequently occurring questions. Most presenters are given a time-slot and their audience tends to get quite angry if they over-run their time. In situations where people are bidding for a contract the time slot is often rigorously enforced. If you overrun, you may miss the deal-closing summary and punch line. And all is lost, quite literally.

The PresenterClock is an Add-in for PowerPoint which provides the ideal solution to presentation worries and gives presenters the confidence they need by showing them:

  • Exactly how much time they have left
  • Where they are in their presentation
  • What’s on the next slide

As the presenter nears the end of their allotted time the countdown timer can be set to change colour. And, if a presenter overruns, the timer will change colour and count up.

These are just some of the clear benefits from using the PresenterClock. It's easy to use, so why not give it a try with the free download.

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